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Now on DVD: Some of the NFL's greatest players and the most successful coach in NFL history ... in the Multi-Award winning "All Pro Sports Football Series" ... brought to you by All Pro Sports Video Productions, Inc.

The HBO Sports Video Spirit Award Winning (for the best "sports entertainment" programs in America) and 25th 2004 Telly Award winning (for the best in film and video) "All Pro Sports Football Series" is the most innovative football series ever produced for sports entertainment and features eleven outstanding National Football League players including:Brett Favre/Quarterback, Jerry Rice/Wide Receiver, Ronnie Lott/Safety, Reggie White /Defensive Lineman, Brent Jones/Tight End, Eric Allen/ Cornerback, Jim Lachey/Offensive Lineman, Jack Del Rio/ Linebacker, Rodney Hampton/Runningback, Jeff Gossett/Punter, Jeff Jaeger/ Placekicker sharing their lives and careers through never before seen home movies and exclusive one-on-one in-depth interviews and demonstrating their conditioning routines and football skills; and the most successful coach in NFL history ... Don Shula ... sharing stories of his early childhood days growing up in Grand River, Ohio and demonstrating his proven offensive formations and plays, defensive alignments, coaching techniques and strategies for winning ... in a setting of upbeat contemporary music, sophisticated computer-generated three dimensional digital graphics and NFL Films action footage ...and narrated by Emmy Award winning sports journalist and television personality Roy Firestone.

Almost seven and a half hours of multi-award winning "sports entertainment" consisting of twelve spectacular programs in four DVDs for only $49.95* Plus shipping and handling.

Buy this "collectible" four DVD digipak box set now ...for $49.95* ... and receive your choice of a complimentary premium T-Shirt featuring the "All Pro Sports Football Series" name and logo and the name and autograph and illustration of either: Brett Favre, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Reggie White, Jack Del Rio, Jim Lachey or Don Shula ... see the sample T-Shirt featuring Brett Favre on the next page.


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